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Virtual Reality

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Building Virtual Reality experiences to tackle society’s issues


Benefits & Outcomes


benefits & outcomes



Choose from one of our fixed packages or contact us directly to discuss any additional hardware or software requirements.

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Education Providers

  • Mindfulness VR
  • Confidence VR
  • Sensory VR
  • Managed XR Headsets
  • Web Experiences and 3D Content
  • Training Videos
  • Visiting Sessions (we come to you)
  • Dedicated Support
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  • Mindfulness VR
  • Confidence VR
  • Dedicated Support
  • Web Experiences and 3D Content
  • VR Training Videos
  • Loan Headsets
  • Lease Headset
  • Monthly + Annual pricing

“Spirit VR is a creative and immersive experience of mindfulness that can enable those who find mediating difficult to find a new way to engage with this process. The graphics enable users to interact with mindfulness in a way that audio versions currently do not. This application is a wonderful way to bring the mind and body together in one experience and makes this easy for beginners and experienced meditators alike.”

Phil MindMap

“We’ve been using Spirit VR with our community to great effect. Users experiencing the mindfulness course have reported significant reduction in anxiety levels. The course is innovative, engaging and accessible.”

Philip Bridges, The Mind Map
suzanne - balanced horizons

“The creative team at Scenegraph have created an innovative programme in making Mindfulness accessible in such an original way.
The use of technology, especially VR makes the Mindfulness experience immersive, accessible and personal for young adults.
I’m excited to see this approach to Mindfulness being available for those struggling with anxiety in a wide variety of settings.”

Suzanne McNee - Wellbeing and Mindfulness coach, Balanced Horizons

“The potential of the VR mindfulness programme being produced by Scenegraph Studios is massive. We have been fortunate enough to work closely with the company over the past 18 months to trial the software and use it in school. The VR mindfulness programme is a completely unique and different way to addressing low level mental health issues. It differs from traditional techniques, and is more appealing to young people who have been brought up in a technological environment.

A real positive of the VR mindfulness programme is that the young person takes control and feels in control of what they are doing. It also negates the need for school staff or healthcare professionals to facilitate or supervise the sessions, as the young person is led through the programme by the software. The VR element sees the young person move around as opposed to more traditional mental health strategies which are entirely sedentary. The VR mindfulness programme is responsive to the needs of young people, and can be tailored so that the full benefit of such a programme is felt.”

Mrs N Griffiths - Assistant Head (Director of Pupil Development) - Designated Safeguarding Lead & SENCO, Upton Hall School FCJ


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