This is Callum, and he is awesome.

In his spare time, Callum reviewed SpiritVR and giving us suggestions on how to make the experience even better.

Here are his suggestions and our feedback/implementations:

Box breathing and 478
Technique is easy to follow with the animation. In the environment, a bit more motion might help chill out more.
The animation on the four, seven eight is really good was better than the box breathing.
Could soften those animations a bit by easing in and out. Accelerating and decelerating. It’s a principle of animation for a reason.
Agreed – we fixed up the animation by adding more motion to the assets.


Body Scan
I was thrown off because you spawn on the hill at an angle so it’s disorientating. Only slightly, but maybe not the best if the aim is relaxation. Makes it a little harder to get settled
Agreed – we flattened the ground under the user by adding a deck viewing point
How the teleport grid pops up in these scenes can be annoying, especially as someone new to the medium. Maybe the intention is to be able to explore the space. I just want to put the controllers down, and forget about them.
Agreed – we removed these from the scenes as from other feedback the movement was not needed for these experiences.
The flat texture of the scene as well as a little, a little unsettling. The best thing about this is the little floaty white orbs, you know, and kind of like pseudo fireflies, they’re really nice.
Definitely – We added more floating particles, which brings the scene more to life.
Maybe there’s some limitations here, but some flickr dynamic lighting would help sell the campfire.
This is something we are working towards, but the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset is very limited on processing power for flames and lighting, but we have some tricks in our development bags… stay tuned.
In the Japanese scene, if you move around, There’s some LOD things going on so, some things are popping in and out you can notice it is the plinth where the fire is.
Both scenes are very bright, again, could be constraints but, twilight or a sunrise could be nicer.
Agreed – we fixed the popping of assets by optimising the scene, as well as modifying the overall lighting. Great feedback.


Public Speaking
It’s kind of like an office environment which is good, as it’s a place people will have to practice this. Maybe an auditorium would be nice too.
Agreed – we now have an auditorium and users seem to like this better than an office environment. Thanks for the great suggestion.
Slide notes are good, could ultimately go on a little laptop because that’s closer to how people will be presenting. One thing I might add to that is tell a joke because you always try and you never know how it will land.
We did have this on the development tasks, but brought it in the app earlier. A great asset.
Timer is a nice element to have as well.
The audio I guess is like a cafe scene somewhere. It is not perfect.
Agreed – this was not the best choice, but for testing. We now have a more ‘office/auditorium’ audio on the scene.
Might be a good idea, similar to how this different levels of audience, to have different levels of noise.
We have added a button to add additional noise like whispering and chatting people. This aims to mimic real life, adding a level of realism.
Something I noticed while giving talks, is when you can hear like two people having a really distinct conversation, that’s a different fear than just a load of nattering.
Can not agree more with this – very off-putting, but our VR experience will help people overcome this fear and learn to ignore.
Sensory room
All the old buttons could just do with being a bit bigger.
Agreed – we scaled them bigger and put them closer to the user.
You could even distinguish between buttons a little better. You’ve got different colours, maybe use different shapes even if they do the exact same function.


UI – Main hub
Could round off some of those boxes and make everything a little bit softer.
Speaking of softer, the language ex-paining each of these experiences is going to do.
I would maybe soften, especially with, like mindfulness and meditation. Strong language can put pressure on someone starting the practice. Maybe use words like “This experience can help with…”
This is something that we did not realise, but it is very insightful. I believe with us being developers, we tend to see things in black and white, but the world is more grey and multicoloured. This is why we are building a team, and a community to make this the best experience we can, for 1 and all.

At Scenegraph Studios, we aim to rapidly prototype new ideas and experiences. This is done by our amazing development team who have years of experience and our inhouse software.

At SpiritVR, we aim to build a community and a feedback loop, taking great suggestions and implementing them rapidly into the SpiritVR experience. If you have suggestions yourself, please drop us a message on our contact form.

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