Mental Health Organisation, The Mind Map and Mental Health Mentor, Callum Hough were kind enough to offer their support and assistance in running trials of Spirit VR with a select subset of their clients and mentees.

The summarised results are below:

Of the total 102 lessons completed, the overall anxiety score reduced from an average of 8.06 – moderate anxiety to 2.98 – mild anxiety.

All participants were also asked the following two questions:

“Do you think Virtual Reality can be a tool to help with Mental Wellbeing?” and “Do you feel that this course has helped your mental wellbeing?”

All participants answered both of these questions, Yes.

More detailed results can be found on the Mindfulness page. 


More about the trial:

The GAD-7 (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) questionnaire is a self-administered screening tool for Generalised Anxiety Disorders. This is scored out of 21, where scores of 5, 10, and 15 are taken as the cut-off points for mild, moderate and severe anxiety, respectively.

We used the same questions and applied them to the user’s current state of mind before and after completing a Spirit VR lesson. Rather than the scoring system being based on a “how often have you felt…” over the past two week time frame, we asked them to consider how they are currently feeling on a “not at all, mildly, moderately, severely” scale.

Below is an extract from the workbook supplied to the participants.