Depression can manifest as feelings of being unmotivated, burnt out, and unproductive. 

When you are in a low state, the best thing you can do is the opposite of being productive. You must slow down, be gentle to yourself, and allow yourself to heal. 

If you are feeling this way, you likely have high expectations for yourself, and you are frustrated because you are putting too much pressure on yourself. Others have high expectations of you, whether it is your parents or the people around you, or you have been pushing yourself too hard, taking too much on your plate, and burning yourself out. 

Sometimes, we might feel this way because we have expectations for what the world should be or what our life should look like, and when we feel that falls short, we lose our sense of control and may not know how to handle it. 



We must release our feeling of control release our expectations on ourselves and accept ourselves as we are, right now. So, what should you do when you feel like doing nothing? First, let yourself rest. Remove all pressure to BE or DO anything.  

Just exist. 

Understand that you probably feel burnt out or depleted, so let your body and mind rest and recuperate. You don’t have to do anything. No expectations. Just sit back and allow your body to balance and heal itself. 



Give yourself love. Be kind and gentle with yourself, no matter what. Practise unconditional love, meaning, give yourself love regardless of anything. Practice self-forgiveness if you have been hard on yourself. 

Love is accepting, so accept yourself exactly as you are, right now. 



Do not underestimate the power of changing your perspective. We often feel low. We have been focusing on the wrong or difficult things, making it easier to give up because we feel ourselves struggling.  

In these moments, try focusing on something easy, like your breathing. By focusing on what is easy, it is easier to get through the tough times. Instead of focusing on what is going wrong in your life, focus on what is still going RIGHT. 

Try this as a journaling exercise. Actively choose where you turn your attention to, because it makes an impactful difference in how we feel. 

In the pursuit of a more balanced mindset, redirecting your focus toward positive aspects of your life can be transformative. The practice of mindfulness, primarily when facilitated through Spirit VR’s classes, can offer a unique avenue for individuals to immerse themselves in a calming virtual environment and build a deeper connection within themselves and the world around them. 



Find gratitude in every little thing. Get specific about all the small things in life you are grateful for. Open your journal and start writing a list of sentences that begin with “I’m grateful…” or “I’m blessed…” 

Learn the beauty of simply existing and allowing life to flow more naturally. Integrating gratitude into daily life can offer a powerful tool for having a more positive outlook.  




If you feel you need more help, talk to someone in your life that you trust. We each need a support system in our lives and our mental health suffers if we do not have one. By building a strong support system, you can significantly aid your journey towards recovery and emotional well-being. 

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