SpiritVR’s overall Orcha Baseline Review score is now 86%!

We are pleased to announce that SpiritVR recently received an update to our score with our certification from Orcha, the world’s leading provider of digital health app reviews. This baseline certification confirms that our virtual reality well-being app promotes health and wellness appropriately.

By partnering with Orcha to evaluate our app’s safety and efficacy, we aim to assure users, healthcare professionals, and organisations that SpiritVR meets rigorous standards. Orcha plays a crucial role in setting benchmarks for responsible and effective virtual reality wellness experiences.

Our Data Score has significantly improved to an impressive 95%

We have discussed with Orcha our processes of tracking non-personal (user preference) data and updated our Privacy Policy to explain exactly what is stored. When a user first opens the app, they now receive a notification telling them what data is saved onto the headset (their preferred colour, sound, voiceover, skin tone and homepage).

This has led to our score increasing from 85% to 95%!

Your data protection is a top priority for us, as we want users to be assured we don’t track any personally identifiable data.

Usability & Accessibility Score: 82%

Making virtual reality accessible for all is one of our core principles. We take great pride in our high Usability and Accessibility ratings, particularly for VR. We have dedicated substantial time to developing an intuitive, user-friendly interface that caters to all levels of VR experience, even first-time users.

Professional Assurance Score: 82%

We are extremely grateful to the individuals and organisations who have played a pivotal role in ensuring the professionalism and quality of SpiritVR.

Special thanks to Suzanne from Balanced Horizons for helping us write the course content and teaching us the correct language to use. To Catherine Knibbs, who provided her professional opinion and offered her feedback on how to make the app safer, and our friends at The Mind Map and Upton Hall School for their invaluable contributions to testing SpiritVR.


Thank you for being a part of the SpiritVR Journey!

For more information about Spirit VR and its immersive wellness experiences, please visit our mindfulness experiences.