We are thrilled to share that we are collaborating with Pathways to Work to help make a difference in the education and training system to find success in the workforce. They are impacting individuals across Cheshire and Merseyside.

About Pathways to Work Training

Pathways to Work is dedicated to helping individuals find success in the workforce. They provide personalised training on job readiness, wellness habits, and long-term success planning. 

Their mission is to improve lives through innovative training, addressing a wide range of subjects and issues that individuals face daily, regardless of personal circumstances. 

They help individuals gain digital skills, virtual reality interviews, CV creation and development, cover letters, interview techniques, and more.

Innovative Training

Pathways to Work is already using Virtual Reality simulations created by Scenegraph Studios for their interview skills training. 

By integrating our technology into their programs, Pathways to Work aims to enhance motivation, confidence, and self-belief in individuals seeking to move closer to the workforce. 

One of their core objectives is to provide basic skills that can be transferable in the workplace by promoting additional employability support, training, and mentoring to their customers.

Pathways to Work training programs cover various aspects, including interview readiness, employability, disability, mental health, and exploring alternative employment options and career potential for suitable employment. Our VR headsets provide immersive experiences, addressing the unique needs of each individual.

Skill Enhancement in VR

The use of VR offers a platform for individuals to build confidence and enhance their skills, ensuring participants are well-prepared for going into the workforce. The personalised approach of VR ensures participants can acquire the skills necessary for success in their career paths.

Pathways to Work aims to see individuals gain vital skills and experience, retain them in new sectors, and get a guaranteed job interview at the end.

Real Impact

We have seen the positive impact of incorporating VR into our training modules. Participants reported increased motivation, improved confidence, and a shift in their mindset towards their capabilities. 

Their extensive offerings also include a digital bus which enables them to deliver training and support to community organisations away from the confines of traditional classroom-based locations. This allows individuals to achieve their full potential. 


Find out more about Pathways to Work.

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