We have added so much interactive content to our first Sensory Room, that we have had to split it into to two separate experiences!

Sensory Wand

Currently we have a room that includes:

  • A wall of bubble tube lights with buttons to control their colour.
  • Magic wands that emit
    • bubbles
    • fire
    • sparkles
    • a light pen to write through the air!
  • A fully interactive firework show
  • Physics simulations
  • Musical Instruments
  • A physical light pressing speed game
  • An interactive vibration wall that changes controller vibration patterns when different buttons are pressed, accompanied by visual animations of the sequences.
  • An audio noise wall.
  • A curved TV wall.
  • A bubble machine.
  • An interactive train set.
Sensory room demo
Sensory Space

The new room will contain all things science and space!

  • Control the solar system!
  • View the planets and different NASA ships
  • Interactive ISS
  • Space Video Wall.