We have some great news to share – Catherine Knibbs; Cyber Trauma, Online Harms Consultant, and Child/Adult Trauma Psychotherapist is taking our app to the 2024 Trauma Summit at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Belfast on 17th & 18th June.

You can visit Catherine and the Cyber Trauma team at their exhibitor stand and try out SpiritVR for yourself at the conference.

About the Trauma Summit

The Trauma Summit 2024, organised by the Action Trauma Network, will be held on June 17th and 18th in Belfast in-person and virtually. It gathers leading experts in trauma to discuss advancements in trauma treatment, intergenerational healing, and holistic therapeutic approaches. The conference aims to educate professionals and the public on the latest research and practices for addressing and healing trauma, promoting a global dialogue on mental health and well-being.

For more details, visit the Trauma Summit 2024 page.

About Catherine Knibbs

Catherine Is an award winning Human Behaviour Technologist, Psychotherapist and Researcher.

She is also an author (of 4 books to date), Educator and TEDx Speaker. 

She collaborates with global organisations on issues related to child sexual abuse material, mental health, and the risks posed by immersive technologies that can occur in the new digital spaces. She is a disruptor, advocate for children’s rights, privacy, and digital explorations online. She also received the ‘Inspirational Cyberperson’ award in 2023.

Catherine has been pivotal in helping to shape the SpiritVR immersive experience, offering her valuable feedback which has led to many enhancements within the app.