Upton Hall School FCJ have been trialling SpiritVR since September 2023, introducing our 6-part mindfulness course to their students.

Our Co-Director, Nicola Honey interviewed Nicola Griffiths, the Assistant Head and Director of Pupil Development, and asked for her insights on trailing SpiritVR – Journey with students.

Virtual Reality for Mindfulness

Unlike traditional methods, SpiritVR combines technology with mindfulness. Students can control their own experience, on their own time, when they feel they need it.

School life can be stressful, and SpiritVR allows students to explore relaxation and mindful well-being.

Positive Feedback!

We were happy to hear the following responses:

  • Every pupil who tried SpiritVR was really happy to come back and complete the six sessions eagerly.
  • Some students even did back-to-back sessions, seeking further relaxation and mental space.
  • SpiritVR allowed them to reset their day when they felt anxious or stressed.

SpiritVR empowers users to explore mindfulness in a way that suits their individual needs, and we were delighted to hear that students were taking charge of their mindfulness journey!

Upton Hall School

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Read our interview with Nicola Griffiths to learn more about her opinions on SpiritVR . . .

Have you done mindfulness before at Upton Hall FCJ School?

Yes, we’ve done quite a lot of mindfulness in the past. We’ve found that some pupils really benefit from it. Some don’t really buy into the traditional techniques, and if you don’t buy into mindfulness – it doesn’t really work. I think that’s what was different about SpiritVR, it was appealing due to the technological aspect, but it’s also quite private as well The girls were in control of their own pathway and they really enjoyed taking responsibility for setting it up, taking part in the session, and then deciding when that next session would be – depending on how they were feeling specific days.

How easy was it to set up, did they take over that themselves?

They did. They were quite keen to learn how to use it properly, so initially we just showed them how to set it up, how to set the floor area, how to get to the next session and how to start it. From that point on, they were self-sufficient and they administered the whole thing themselves, with very little input from me.

Did you have a go of it yourself?

Yes, absolutely, I always test things out before I send them out into the wider area of the school, and I was really, really pleasantly surprised with the thought that had gone into the program and how all the elements were brought into the six-week program. I was quite impressed with the level of detail in terms of being mindful and meditating.

Did you notice any change in the students that had been using it, before and after taking part?

Yes, definitely. I did actually ask some of them if would they have engaged with mindfulness or meditation had it been teacher-led or person-led and they said, absolutely not. So, to have it in a different form and to have the technology to allow them to control what they were doing. That was definitely a massive unique selling point and that’s what made it so successful.

Were there any positives or negatives from the students?

There’s a lot of positive feedback from the students. There was just one student who didn’t want to engage, but that was personal preference. But apart from that, every single pupil who tried SpiritVR was really happy to come back and complete the six sessions. On a couple of occasions, they actually did two of the sessions back-to-back, because they needed that support and they needed that space, and they could feel the benefit of being relaxed. I think one of the big benefits was that they felt they were able to reset their day, so if they had woken up feeling anxious or worried and they couldn’t shake it, they could put the headset on, then do the next session, and it would almost reset that day and allow them to start again. That’s something we’ve probably never achieved before in school, to achieve that sort of reset – so it was really useful.

Would you recommend SpiritVR?

I would absolutely recommend SpiritVR. Having been fortunate enough to be involved it’s evolution and its starting point and to where it is now into where it keeps going, for the fact that the people who have put it together at Scenegraph – they’ve gone and found out about mindfulness and the details, I think that’s what makes it streets ahead of everything else I’ve come across in terms of VR, so yes a massive, massive thumbs up from me. 

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We invite educators to explore the impact of our mindfulness courses firsthand. 

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