Upton hall school trialling vr
We are over the moon to announce that Upton Hall School FCJ is our newest school ready to trial Spirit VR.
At our last visit, Mrs Griffiths, Assistant Head (Director of Pupil Development) and Mr Jones (Head of Year 8), both received a crash course in all things Spirit VR.
The school will be integral to the development of the application, supplying feedback and data for analysis from their students. We are also welcoming any new VR experience ideas from the teachers and pupils, to make sure we build the best app possible.
They will be testing our Confidence module which is designed to help students with public speaking. Students can enter a virtual lecture theatre or classroom and practice presenting in front of a configurable number of people. They can also choose whether the audience is noisy or silent and time their presentation.
They will also trial our Mindful module, as they already practice mindfulness within their lessons.