We love seeing new and innovative ways people use SpiritVR. 

We are thrilled to announce we are working with York Learning to improve learning experiences and empower individuals with life skills and work skills. 

The council is using SpiritVR to encourage the community to prioritise their mental well-being and improve their skills with public speaking and professional presenting.

About York Learning

York Learning offers courses and programmes to help people get into work by providing excellent learning opportunities to build academic and career pathways.

They aim to bridge the gap between traditional education and provide additional qualifications in essential skills, such as English, Mathematics, Employability, and Childcare to provide the stepping stones to improve people’s quality of life. 

York Learning has a mission to inspire their community to learn, explore and achieve. Their skills courses are steps for better career options and more confidence in their abilities. They offer a wide range of courses that help support creative and cultural development, as well as health and well-being.

York Learning’s challenges

Mental Well–being

Stress and Anxiety: Job searching can be stressful. Many individuals face anxiety related to interviews, rejections and uncertainty.

Isolation: Unemployment can lead to distressing emotions. 

Self-confidence: Some struggle with self-confidence.


York Learning aims to equip learners with essential skills for careers.

RISE Programme: By supporting well-being and building confidence, the RISE programme helps individuals overcome barriers to employment.

By offering free career appointments, these sessions can address confidence-building, CV updates, application writing, and interview preparation.

Mindfulness and Well-being

York Learning invested in four SpiritVR headsets to help guide the community to enhance their mental well-being and enhance mental resilience.

By offering immersive virtual reality experiences, individuals are allowed to practise mindfulness in a calming environment, resulting in stress reduction and improved focus.

By providing individuals with mindful techniques, they can utilise this skill to alleviate moments of anxiety.

Boost Confidence to Promote Employability

In today’s competitive job market, confidence is key.

SpiritVR – Confidence can directly impact employability by addressing confidence-related challenges.

Through virtual simulations, people can practice in social situations, such as public speaking, to boost confidence and prepare for real-life situations. 

York Learning is integrating the app into its employability training programme. This results in self-assurance and readiness for embarking on a career path.

Addressing Sensory Needs

They are also using SpiritVR – Sensory. They can extend their reach to clients with additional sensory needs.

Individuals who have difficulty seeking relaxation can explore sensory scenarios, allowing them to unwind and manage stress.


By recently receiving a certification from Orcha, SpiritVR is proven to be appropriate for endorsing health and well-being. This certification can reassure healthcare professionals about its effectiveness.

To read more about our evidence, read Our Orcha Baseline Review Results.

By leveraging virtual reality, York Learning can enhance people’s mental well-being, boost confidence, and equip learners with valuable skills for employability.


For more detailed information, you can visit the York Learning website.

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01904 554277
Email: york.learning@york.gov.uk

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