SpiritVR is built and optimised for the mobile Oculus Quest 2 (now Meta Quest 2). The reason why we went this direction is for the end user. Virtual Reality desktop experiences require a desktop PC capable of handling Virtual Reality, which adds an additional cost to the end user, roughly £600 for a headset, and roughly £1,500 for a desktop PC. Expecting new VR users to spend close to £2000 (Two-Thousand Pound) for a VR setup is not in the question, and ethically pretty rubbish. This is why we chose Oculus Quest 2, a £300 headset which does not require a desktop PC, no wires, no connections, it is a stand-alone headset which maps and tracks the users position in the real-world, no need for external sensors.

A problem with this is the additional development requirements. With less horse power, the more careful we need to be with designing and developing experiences. This is something the Scenegraph Studios specialises in. We are all programmers by trade and relish in thinking about the low level requirements.

We are extremely excited to now be on the Oculus Developer platform in BETA category. This is an amazing achievement for the team.